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CRS Association

CRS Association is a segregative and dynamic network of organizations, projects and initiatives within the economic and transversal sectors in which CRS is active. A regional, national and international embedding reinforces the strength of all parties involved in the CRS Association. The creation of a broad and varied qualitative cooperation promotes the entrepreneurial interest of each associated project or initiative.


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CRS HR Solutions

CRS HR Solutions was founded as a subsidiary of the CRS Group and provides professional services and sustainable solutions in human resources and general management. CRS HR Solutions can appeal to more than 20 years of experience and aims at enduring solutions for the unique needs and challenges of its clients.


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CRS Events

CRS Events is a full-service eventing and communication agency specialized in organizing personalized concepts for business, sporting or public events. CRS Events guarantees a professional approach to both the overall concept as well as any underlying aspect for corporate events, business meetings, team buildings, sports and themed events, product launches and brand (re)positioning.


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CRS Investment

CRS Investment is not a traditional investment insitution based on cash funds, but seeks to use its multiple decades of experience to support and advise trendy innovations, services and distinctive start-ups. CRS Investment focuses on the creation of added value within the economic and transversal sectors in which CRS wishes to profile itself through a significant and catalytic role. An international network, an integrated approach and a professional dedication are typical for the subsidy of CRS for promising initiatives.


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